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Run The Gauntlet


Run The Gauntlet is a simple (but frustrating) game of chance for several players. The aim is to navigate from one end of the gauntlet to the other end without uncovering a face card or a 5 card. If one of these cards is uncovered you are returned to the start of the gauntlet! On uncovering a face or 5 card a forfeit is usually given out, which can be as healthy (do 10 push ups) or as unhealthy (take a mouth full of squirty cream) as you like! You can only exit the Gauntlet by reaching the final card, at which point it is the next victims, erm, players turn.
There is one start and one end card, with three columns of three cards in between. The player can select any moving card to progress to the next column.
Bewarned, some games will pass the gauntlet in one go, but some games maybe trapped for many many forfeits...